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Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOW... just... WOW!

Where should I start?
Well, this has been my dream since I started to learn flash. I've always loved the NES characters and themes, and dreamed of making a game that mixes them all in one.
My skills was limited, unlike you, so I made a silly CastleVania mixup (CV:Xtreme here at NG!) that had bad controls and was buggy as hell. You have realized my dreams! :)

The double dragon first level was great from the start, filled with cameos!
I couldn't wait to see the rest after that. It was sooo filled with every memory of my childhood, from DK to... well DD.
Water level was great too! Goonies II, SMB, SMB2... Loved it!

Thrird level in the streets, I didn't know, but fun anyway. :)
I recognized the "hookers" from wizard and warriors, though.
Zelda stage was AWESOME!!! You really trapped the Zelda soul in that one! I couldn't imagine how it could get better after that! :D

...and it didn't. Balloon Fight level was, IMO, poorly done! :(
The controls are off... there is no turbo for the B button, and when you dive too long, you can't get up at all. Abobo doesn't even wave with his arms.
Maybe you designed it that way to make it hard, but it's rather unfair than hard.
In balloon fight I used the dives to my advantage, here I avoid diving.

I stopped after my third game over on the BF stage. Mostly I died because of the controls, rather than the enemies. So I thought I had enough for now.
Shame, though... because I was hooked like the old days. Games don't tend to make me hooked anymore! :)

Anyway, a ten out of ten for this masterpiece!

I really hope there is a CastleVania level too, since that is my favorite! :)


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Abobo responds:

If balloon fight is giving you troubles, try pressing "1" on your keyboard when it starts... shhhh.... it's a secret to everybody.

Super Mario Kart XTREME Super Mario Kart XTREME

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Game! :D

Very good, mate! :)
I like your VG flash movies! I'm a major VG player myself! ;)
Keep it up! :)

Kristmas Kombat Kristmas Kombat

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad, but not good either...

Very well drawn, but your game lacks movement. The fights get boring and onesided. get it?
But any way, funny characters, and very well drawn, mate! Better luck next time! :)
Spis kartofler! :p

Celebémon Tournament #1 Celebémon Tournament #1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Please continue!

WOOHOOO!!! This game is GREAT!
You GOT to complete this one, This is just THE GREATEST!
Please hurry finishing. I cant wait!
I didnt notice any major bugs than that when you attack you can press "r" instead of the continue button to make an ekstra attack.
But that is rather cheating.
The characters is very funny, i cant wait to kick leo's ASS!!!
Once again: Please finish it quickly!!!

Turbin Hunt Turbin Hunt

Rated 0 / 5 stars

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you pick portal music v.1 you pick portal music v.1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


no.4 is the absolute coolest!...But I have to agree with "WorldsLongestDick": The music does not fit with the current layout. But instead of dropping the music, you should change the layout! It should look more like!!!